Sunday, October 28, 2012

Snow Day

It snowed last week. A nice, light snowstorm. The boys were thrilled and loved making snowballs and an interesting "snowman." Then a few days later, it REALLY SNOWED. We woke up to a whiteout. It snowed 8 inches overnight. School was cancelled, the sun came out, and the boys did some serious sledding down the mountain next to our house.

Carson makes a snowball.
All geared up, ready to play in an inch of snow.
A creative snowman.

Our sledding hill. Come sled with us when it snows again!

Our Crazy-Happy Baby

We have been blessed with the happiest baby EVER. He is always incredibly excited and has the hugest open-mouth smile. Parker is 5 months now and just seems thrilled to be part of our crazy family. He has started rolling and can sit up. We don't like this. We want him to stay a cozy, cuddly little baby forever.

We Travel Back In Time! (well, sort of)

Last August we decided to visit our Las Vegas neighborhood and "camp" in our old house before the Walkers moved in. It was crazy for the boys to sleep in their own rooms -- even if it was just on the floor! We literally had nothing but a cooler and a few rolls of toilet paper. Fortunately, that's not a problem when you have resourceful friends. Thanks so much to Emily for the mattress, bedding, and table and chairs; and to Jenny for the mini fridge! Truly the necessities of life!

Staying there for a week really made me homesick for our Vegas friends. We spent four great years surrounded by the most amazing families. I think my hardest trials hit during the Vegas years. I know those friends and neighbors were there specifically to help me. Thank you again (you know who you are!) for being there for me.

Carson & Jack on the corner of Sawmill Falls Street. Many a "jeep," wiggle-car and
bicycle raced around this corner
Crazy Carson is at it again!

Dallin enjoys some relaxin' time.